Miners’ Next Step



Building on this success of our first pamphlet, The Workers’ Committee, we are publishing the second pamphlet of our series, The Miners’ Next Step by Noah Ablett (The Unofficial Reform Committee). This seminal pamphlet in labour and trade union history, ranks alongside the Communist Manifesto in its revolutionary implications.

The significance of the Miners’ Next Step cannot be underestimated, for its proposals represent a complete rupture with the cosy, consensual Lib- Lab politics , but also the Parliamentary Labour Party whose deference to the state and it’s institutions was already self-evident. With what looks like a incoming Labour Government ahead, this pamphlet is an important reminder of what this means for workers. The pamphlet’s own title is a vital question for our movement, who should control the future means of production? Private enterprise? The state or the workers themselves?

Our pamphlet will aim to bring these ideas to life in a modern context, including forwards from Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), and historian Rob Turnbull on the historical importance of this text and its application today.

Manifesto Press in partnership with StrikeMap present their new “Industrial Unionism” series.

As part of the industrial view of unionism and to support the development of shop stewards’ networks and ideas around them, Strike Map and Manifesto Press are producing a new pamphlet series. These texts have been chosen as they are influential historical texts that are not currently printed or require royalty costs to reprint, and provide valuable insights into questions of trade union organisation which apply today.