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Hannah Baker PDA Union

"GFTUET welcome everyone who wants to learn. Reach out and find the next opportunity available for you."

Sarah Woolley General Secretary, BFAWU

"The GFTUET allowed me to learn from others, within my union and wider affiliates, and create a network of support and friends in the movement too."

GFTU Educational Trust (GFTUET) believes in education to support lasting change in the lives of workers.

The GFTU Educational Trust:

  • Provides education for the trade-union movement, wider working class, and young workers.
  • Develops and delivers learner-centred training, education and mentoring for workers, trade-union reps and officers focused on challenging economic inequality, racism and sexism and strengthening rights at work.
  • Develops skills and knowledge through education and training programmes through our work with trade unions and other partners.
  • Supports trade unions to develop best practice in education.

We all learn differently and at the GFTU Educational Trust, we pride ourselves on providing topical and thought-provoking learning opportunities, which are sometimes beyond the classroom, such as a conference or live performance.

Knowledge is powerful and through learning, we develop understanding that stays with us, enabling us to be empowered to make a difference, to make more informed choices and support others to make a difference for themselves, their union, family, and communities.

There is something for everyone who is already active or wants to become active in their trade union. Our aim is to inspire, educate and support trade union activists across the UK and beyond.
You may be a new union member just finding out about how to get more involved in your union or a seasoned activist, a full-time union officer, or possibly something in between.

Our mission at GFTU Educational Trust is to provide education for the trade union movement, wider working class and young workers. Established by the General Federation of Trade Unions in 1970, our founding aims were to educate workers in “economic history and theory, industrial law, and the history and principles of industrial relations.” To this day, we ensure that political economy, labour history, internationalism and the politics of industrial relations form a core part of our broad educational provision.

We provide a range of face-to-face, online, and residential courses as well as, for our core programme, using an innovative blended learning approach which combines the benefits of residential and online education.

You can see the full range of our current provision below.

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The GFTU Educational Trust provides education and training for the trade union sector. We train, support and mentor trade union members, representatives, and employees to improve working conditions and to access educational opportunities.

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GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust30 minutes ago
Our next bulletin will include something ✨ very exciting ✨in addition to the round up of upcoming courses!

🚦Gear yourself up & don't miss out -

We'll have you looking like 👇

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GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust15 hours ago
Our history of the #GFTU Working Class and Trade Union History session is about to begin with Edda Nicolson and our pres Sarah Woolley

Join here:

#GFTU #GFTU125 GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust1 day ago
🙏 Every donation counts!

👩‍🎓 Your support can help us empower trade unionists through education.

📢 Get ready to become a 'Friend of GFTUET' and make a difference.

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GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust2 days ago
Our 🏠

Find out more about all the courses on offer and our fantastic facilities>>

GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust2 days ago
🤯Our Young Members' Development Weekend is back with a bang this May!

🧠Gain knowledge and experience
✔️Develop skills
🔗Create links with other trade unions
🥳Have the best time!

Hear what Shannon had to say about last summer's YMDW👇

🙌 Book your spot -

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GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust
GFTU Educational Trust4 days ago
Recent feedback 👇

"It's been enlightening and I've really enjoyed my time.”

“The course has given me information which I'll be able to take away and also support local reps in my workplace.”

Subscribe to our bulletin & sign up to our courses -

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