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By becoming a member of Friends of GFTUET, you’re directly supporting the future of trade union education. Make the trade union movement stronger through education. Choose your level of support and join us in making a difference:

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  1. Exclusive Impact: Your monthly donation ensures a direct impact on our educational initiatives. From spearheading groundbreaking programmes to making a lasting difference in the lives of trade unionists, your support is invaluable.
  2. Tailored Benefits: Enjoy customised engagement opportunities aligned with your interests. Immerse yourself in the life-changing work of GFTUET and stay connected with our community.
  3. Your Commitment: Your monthly contribution of £5, £10, or £25 makes a significant difference in advancing trade union education.

Where Your Money Goes

Provide Access to Essential Courses: Your subscription will cover the cost for one individual to attend any of our 3-day courses, offering comprehensive learning experiences that equip participants with essential skills and knowledge. 

Support New Representatives: Your support will enable a new representative to attend the Health and Safety in the Workplace Stage 1 training, empowering them to advocate for safe working conditions and protect the rights of their fellow workers. 

Empower Women in Leadership: Your subscription will fund one student’s attendance at a Women in Leadership course, fostering gender diversity and empowering women to take on leadership roles within their unions and workplaces. 

Combat Sexual Harassment: Your contribution will enable five individuals to receive training on identifying and challenging sexual harassment in the workplace, fostering safer and more inclusive work environments for all. 

Promote Black Leadership: Your support will provide one student with access to a Black Leadership course, addressing the unique challenges faced by Black workers and empowering them to take on leadership roles within the trade union movement. 

Our Impact: Empowering Young Union Members

At GFTUET, we’re dedicated to empowering young union members through our Young Members Development Weekends (YMDW) and other educational initiatives. Here’s what Quincy, one of our supporters, had to say about her experiences with YMDW and GFTUET:
Sometimes actually in the roles that we have, we don’t have that opportunity to own something. Like being able to own it and work with other young members to create something for other young people, that’s the real power. And of course, that’s the skill as well. And you can start to learn and share ideas and share experiences. And then of course, you can progress from there and you can go forward from there.”

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