Lugalbanda – Lover of the Seed


Beautifully designed, printed and written with some stimulating discussion notes, this book is a fund-raiser for the Free Ocalan campaign. It brings to the attention of a modern readers a poem written 5,000 years ago but still with incredible relevance to us today. The imprisoned political leader Abdullah Ocalan draws attention to the first Sumerian civilization built between the Tigris and Euphrates, in the troubled lands today covered by Iraq and Syria.

This civilisation was forgotten for over 2,000 years, buried under sands, but when it was rediscovered it was realised that the Sumerians had brought to humanity agriculture, architecture, the first writing, the first schools, the first written poetry, the first laws and many other notable inventions.

This delightful and surprising story of the exploits of Lugalbanda and what powers he chooses as a reward for looking after the chick of a monstrous bird in the mountains, is a joy to read, so distant yet so near, and also compels us to think about some profound truths in our own world. A fantastic read for young and old and whether you have read poetry before or not. The author’s notes on the poem will surprise and challenge you as they extract layers of meaning from the poem.

Book notes taken from Peace in Kurdistan web site

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